Munsang College


  • History fo MunSang
  • Why need to build the Alumni system
  • How to prepare on the Alumni system
  • Process:
    • Scanning
    • Indexing
    • Quality Check
    • Put onto the Web
    • How the graduates connect their old classmate through the Alumni system.


Nowadays, you may contact your friend in few seconds with facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc.. You may make a video call to the oversea relatives and friends with your mobile phone or computer. Technology leads people closer.

If you was studying in the 20 century, you may lost your classmatefs contact after graduated from the mother school. You may also lost most of the memory of your school life with your classmates in primary and secondary school. The worst of that you may also forgot who are your classmates during you were studying.

If you want to know who were your old classmates, you may help from your old school as they kept such old student profiles, records, reports and magazines. And it takes long time to check as those records are being packed in bulk and only using simple indexing for. With your old schoolfs help, you may find your old classmate and some memorial photos of your school life. Even then, the next question is how are you going to contact those old classmates as their contact information kept in school was outdated already. Technology conventiently helps you to reach your primary school classmates who you miss.

  • handle over half million old documents.
  • Design the whole database to well structure the imag
  • Re-build the virtual class per database information and users’ input
  • The platform can search every document quick from difference view of users such as schools adminstration and alumni check on web base.

History of Munsang College

Founded at 2 Kai Tack Bund with four teachers and eighteen students on 8 March 1926, the School was named after Mr. Au Chak-mun and Mr. Mok Kon-sang in commemoration of their contributions to the Schoolfs founding fund. It is now a subsidized EMI co-ed secondary school built upon Christian principles. Munsang adopt “Light And Life” and “All For One, One For All” as their school motto.

Why need to build the Alumni system

It has been almost a century since MunSang College was founded, there are over 28,000 graduates who contributed a lot to the soceity in many aspects. They contact to alma mater regularly and hope to reach more old classmate. Such that, Munsang raised to build a Alumni Information System in the internet which may share the student reports, school magazines and classmate list to their graduates. Meanwhiles, their alumni can update their contact and status to alma mater and even contact other old schoolmates in that platform. For over 90 years history of Munsang college, there are over half million documents. All of them have need to be scanned, process and contruct into a big database which involved a lot of human resources. The principal of Munsang college, Mrs. Chan, believes it is worth to build because that platform let difference generation or oversea alumni easy to read those old materials so as to recall their happy studying life in Munsang. That feeling is priceless and very moving.


  • Munsang Alumni Information System is a big document database program to handle over half million old documents.
  • Such old documents require very special handling and protection when scanning.
  • Handling such documents outsides school also may damage them.
  • difference users such as schools adminstration and alumni may search every document quickly on web base of that platform.


  • A3 flat-bed scanner,
  • on-site scanning,
  • processional and experience scanning team,
  • custom indexing, detail quality check are the major criterias


4S imaging Expert provides:

  • Scanning
    • A3 flat-bed, 300dpi, zero edge scanners for every document scanning.
    • On-site scanning, avoid damage of the old document due to transportation.
    • Processional scanning team with old document scanning experiment.
    • The codition of the old documents is so poor so that the image quality are not so good. Image enhencement to scanning images ensure all text can be identified by OCR software.
  • Indexing:
    • Create custom indexing on every document images (>600,000) for effective searching.
  • Photo capturing:
    • Extract student photo from old document in order to build the new virtual class in the Alumni Information System.
  • Quality Check:
    • Detail quality check on scanning images to make sure all documents can achieve 99% OCR search.
    • Double check on the indexing accuracy.
  • Web page platform:
    • Design the whole database to well structure the image;
    • Design the web interface for alumni and school users
    • Re-build the virtual class per database information and users’ input


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