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What is FNP ?

FNP is a MPF/Scanner Extend Feature, a powerful Document Management System, extend SCAN to folder feature, look up hot folder and check-in PDF/TIF images to FNP.

  • FNP School Document System
  • Profile Management System
  • Alumni Information System
  • Student Learning Profile
  • Online Class and Video Broadcasting system

Why do we need FNP ?

Many documents,photos,booklets,transcripts are worth to be recorded, but most of them is saved as images so difficult to be searched.


File Navigator Plus - Benefit

  • Save File Cabinet / Office Space.
  • Speed up document filing and retrieval (Index and Full Text Search).
  • Better versions control of the files in difference locations.
  • Real time tracker change (create , modify). Auto back up as in cloud environment.
  • Data analysis on file size, type.
  • Direct access on files for preview which save time to search for.
  • Full Chinese Support (Chinese OCR and Interface).
  • Ensure information security (Access Control and Doc Encryption).
  • Easy sharing of information in the network (Client Connection).
  • Easy filling and indexing (Drag & Drop OCR and Barcode).


File Navigator Plus - Scan

Image documents can be captured from scanner or MFP. Image can be corrected using built-in functions such as automatic border trimming, image deskew or despeckle. Image will be saved in TIFF, PDF or JPEG format.

Auto Look Up Hot Folder and Import to Cabinet, put the file into correct categories. Documents are stored in a filing structure similar to traditional paper filing system. This allows your existing document filing practice or coding system to be immediately re-deployed to FN+.

Scan and Index Module is to help user scanning and index documents in the system.

Upload scan images direct from folders to FNP DMS.

Support OCR images to extract test, and save as WORD or EXCEL format from scan image in FNP.


File Navigator Plus - Search

Search document via Web Browser internally, suitable to be used in any system.

During document filing, you can add meaningful title, notes, value, dates, and categorize it from a pre-defined document list with index keys. All information can later be used to quickly search or group documents.

Support seamless use of PDF, TIFF, JPG. As a result, more data is read and thus assigned, expanding the ability for your system to have full, rich information on every one of your documents.

OCR & Chinese Support


File Navigator Plus - Security

Has built-in a simple and effective user access control for restricting access to the document types by individual users or user groups.

User Login & One-time Password Protection

256 bytes security encryption, limited authority

Sensitive information could be masked

Dynamic Watermark to avoid user take photo to security document


File Navigator Plus - Share

Different user and group can only access, check on, search, modify document

Remote Login by iPad / Android (Optional)

Video Broadcasting system

Live streaming the school campus TV program in browser through FNP system


功能 : 點交功課

班別 : 4A

班長 : 陳大文


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