Avision AD240 + Foxit PhantomPDF Package

Avision AD240 Sheetfed Scanner Foxit PhantomPDF Business Version

Avision FB5000 + Foxit PhantomPDF Package

Avision FB5000 A3 Slim Flatbed Scanner Foxit PhantomPDF Business Version


Avision Scanner 與各品牌大比併。

澳門 Foxit 無紙化講座

澳門大學與四專科技於澳門大學演講廳舉辦了一場 Foxit PDF 大數據分享研討會。

Fuji Xerox Event

富士施樂香港邀請四專科技進行 OCR 智能識別方案分享。

4S與你午餐暢聚 食住生蠔嘆美酒 了解無紙辦公的新趨勢

活動環節: 輕鬆午餐聚㑹| 無紙辨公室講解| PDF培訓工作坊| 紅酒師暢談| HKT雲端技術

4S participated in Hong Kong Book Fair Highlights

4S promoters positive concerted efforts to prepare adequate facilities for the guests, where guests can experience a clearer understanding of product performance, process and homemade eBook.

eBooks Book Fair special reports can also DIY? Portable Book Scanner Book Fair coming!

Book Fair this year, Avision has launched a portable scanner IS19, or it can help you. Because IS19 allows you to easily scan favorite books change PDF, settled himself down hand making e-books, or the age-old books electronically stored permanently, and to be placed flat, mobile phone with a street Air even more convenient it!

4S to the Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival cum software and Creative Industry Exhibition

The long-awaited Computer Communications Exhibition was officially opened, the company has therefore also preparations for a long time. All different sectors of Avision Scanner and other products enthusiastic response, milling around. The most popular portable scanner also sold out within the first two days.

Trade Association to participate in teaching 4S Highlights

Trade Association to teach and complete La! This year's theme is "homemade eBook" activities to achieve unprecedented success. In the three-day marketing activities, many teachers are on the portable imager IS19 very interested in and buy the company's scanners for teaching purposes, self-made materials.


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