4S FNP Solution for Alumni information system

4S Imaging development team has developed an Alumni Information System for schools, so that their alumni can keep in touch with their school and old schoolmates. Also, alumni can find their school record in the system easily


Alumni may lose contact with their school and schoolmates after graduation for a lot of reasons, such as family and career. Also, it takes so much time to search alumni’s information as there are too many. Therefore, 4S Imaging Expert Limited created an Alumni Information System in order to link up the alumni and their school again.


  • Auto tag function
    Tag(s) can be added automatically to JPG file, such as title, subject, date taken etc.
  • Full-text search
    By entering related words, all related information can be easily found. For example, after entering a student’s name, user can find all documents which include the name.
  • Support mobile devices
    User can access alumni system through mobile devices
  • Secure log-in system
    Alumni need to verify their identity in order to register as a user
  • Connect alumni
    User can read other alumni’s information by using full-text search
  • Online eBook
    School magazines can be read online in the alumni system


  • High-speed flatbed scanning
  • Dynamic watermark to prevent data leakage from photo-taking
  • One-time password to protect important file
  • Auto Optical Character Recognition(OCR)
  • Using HTML5 to support mobile devices
  • 256bits file encryption


  • User can find old information easily in the system, such as school magazines, student list
  • Data leakage is perfectly prevented by dynamic watermark, one-time password, file encryption and secure log-in
  • Alumni can find all of their school record in the system
  • Alumni can have a chance to contact their old schoolmates
  • User can access the system easily by mobile devices

Solution diagram


MunSang College


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