4S FNP Solution for Student Record Management

4S Imaging Expert Ltd. is a local expertise company with over 10 years’ experience on document management solutions. Per schools’ requirement, we developed a new student record management system (FNP) to provide:

  • High speed flat back scanning system
  • Simple but effective search
  • Full text OCR searches
  • Security protection for scanned documents


If you was studying in the 20 century, some of you may lost your classmate’s contact after graduated from the mother school. You may also lost most of the memory of your school life with your classmates in primary and secondary school. The most worst thing is that you may also forgot who are your classmates during you were studying.

If you want to know who were your old classmates, you have to ask help from your old school as they kept such old student profiles, records, reports and magazines. And it takes long time to check as those records are being packed in bulk and using simple indexing for.


  • on-site high speed scanning service with flat back scanner
  • Indexing related documents of every student which support fast searching
  • Provide dynamic watermark to avoid phone capture on the protected document.
  • Compatibility with difference platforms even mobile, tablets etc.
  • Data can be shared with other system such as WebSAMS etc.
  • Full text OCR searching


  • 4S student record Management system provides dynamic watermark during previewing the document. That may avoid photo taking on confidence documents.
  • Support HTML5 technology such that most browsers on Mobile and Tablet can access for
  • Authorized access under user profile
  • One time password for confidence document protection.


  • Improved the back up support on profiles information to the graduates
  • Cost saving on storage maintenance
  • Prevent loss of document being damaged by scourges
  • Fast search for dedicated information, sharable to other school system.

Solution diagram


MunSang College
S.K.H. Kei Oi Primary School
Tsung Tsin College
Tack Ching Girls' Secondary School


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