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Immigration Department

Immigration Department had to manage thousands of paper applications every day. The huge number of papers took a lot of time and space to process.

In order to create paperless work environment as well as to spend less time and manpower in processing paper applications, the Immigration Department was looking for a well-rounded scanner which can be used easily. Therefore, the Immigration Department has chosen Avision scanner to help them.

  • High-speed scanning: 50 pages per minute and in duplex mode, recommended daily volume up to 5000 pages
  • Easy image cropping: Automatic image cropping and straightening at full scanning speed
  • Automatic feed: Cavernous capacity of 50 sheets of the auto-document feeder
  • Free to customize: Able to customize color output for specific applications by adjusting brightness and contrast

Kerry Logistics has tailor-made a professional and reliable supply chain solution for some industries. They will analyse logistics big data to understand the industry trends in logistics services, and then adjust their system to meet the future development of such industries.

ABBYY FlexiCapture, now in addition to automatically collect data, the more effectively stored in the Kerry Logistics' data system:

  • A Single Solution for All Document Types: Intelligent capture algorithms enable the system to process any kind of document: invoices, contracts, registration forms and more.
  • Cutting-edge Technologies: The software uses artificial intelligence algorithms to enable automatic classification and data extraction.
  • Renowned Accuracy: provides exceptional data accuracy. Plus, ergonomic verification interfaces enable additional verification of sensitive and questionable data.
  • Advanced Scalability: can process up to million pages depending on the complexity of page layout.

MTR Corporation Limited (MTRCL) runs railway networks in different countries and needs to manage millions of documents every day, such as internal e-mail, client information, etc.

In order to prevent data leakage protect private information, MTRCL was searching for a high performance PDF software that can improve data security in an affordable price. MTRCL has chosen Foxit Enterprise Reader as Microsoft Active Directory RMS Integration to strengthen their data security since 2014.

  • Document protection: ISO 32000-1 standard, support Microsoft RMS encryption and decryptiong
  • Trust manager: Safe mode to prevent suspicious external commands
  • Disable JavaScript: Allow users to turn off JavaScript entirely for maximum protection
  • Collaborate and Share: Allow users to write comments on documents and share PDF file on different platforms